Food Court & Exhibits

It’s not a festival without “Festival Food.” At Fall For Fairfax KidsFest, we have a dozen vendors with incredible mouth-watering meals and tasty treats alike. Looking for healthier options? Many vendors offer items that meet your needs, too.

2017 Food Vendor Listing

Big Fat Daddy’s   BBQ/Turkey Legs
Orient Bowl   Asian
International Grill   Mediterranean
Stay Cheesy   Grilled Cheese and Sandwich Specialist
Dyvine BBQ   BBQ/Smoked Ribs
Gator Jack   Ice Cream, Milkshakes, Snow Cones, Italian Ice and Espressos
Blue City   Indian Street Eats
Del Sur Baked Goods   Peruvian Empanadas and Baked Goods
Thai Thai   Thai
 Colonial Kettle Corn   Kettle Corn
 Mr. MacFreeze   Freeze Pops and Waffles